• Shanghai, China

    With our offshore campus solutions, this could be the next destination for your University.

We mean different things to different people, but our core business is pretty straightforward.

We are an educational technology and marketing partner that delivers solutions through multiple platforms. Our core purpose is to be a pillar of knowledge and support for our educational partners.

We built highly customizable and optimized solutions, which allows us the flexibility to fit any of our partner’s needs.

Who are we?
Our team has over 30 years' experience in the education field. We have established nationwide distance education programs, student services, and more. We are ready to help your institution harness the future of education. We eliminate the struggle and guess work; ultimately saving money, time, and resources.
Why us?
We are real people, who have worked in every sector; K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate. We understand your needs and we know what it will take to help your institution grow. Our team is dedicated and driven. We ensure the success of your development inititatives, your success is our success.

Student Recruitment & Retention

Maintaining high student recruitment and retention is a key goal of all educational institutions. We offer a number of services which will help you reach this goal. From international marketing schemes to summer exchange programs. We individualize our approach for each institution.
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Offshore Campus

We provide state of the art offshore education centers, for institutions which are looking to expand globally. We cover everything from interactive classrooms to laboratories, depending on your needs.
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LMS Installation & Management

We can integrate and scale your learning management system as per your needs. However installations are just a part of what we do. We also manage and host your LMS. In addition we provide a number of tangential services which will improve your experience.
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Faculty Training & Consulting

Needs Analysis. Professional Development. Seminars. We do them all and more. With over 30 years of experience in the higher education field, our staff is well equipped to get you on your way.
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